What is Mythic X?

Mythic X is a next-generation GameFi protocol that is inspired by the best elements of major DeFi protocols that came before it. Key features include:

  • Elements of Prior DeFi: The team have combined the best of Tomb, some of the largest node projects, and innovative GameFi protocols such as DeFi Kingdoms to offer something new

In each of the subsequent mediums, we will go deeper into each of these various points, starting with Elements of Prior DeFi today.

Elements of Prior Defi:

The team looked at all the different type so DeFi protocols to get to where we are now.

  • Tomb Finance: Tomb seignorage was an innovation that we utilize in our protocol. Whenever our pegged token $FORTUNE goes below the peg, $BFORTUNE gets activated and can be purchased via $FORTUNE. This will push the token above the $MATIC peg. When $FORTUNE goes back above the peg, $BFORTUNE may be utilized to increase the value of the peg

Stay Tuned for the Core Goal of Protocol in the next post!



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