Introduction to Mythic X

Mythic X
3 min readMay 4, 2022


We are the Mythic X team, a collective of talented and highly skilled individuals with a track record of building and scaling successful crypto projects. On the development side, our developers have worked or been associated with some of the largest projects in DeFi, including Lava Financial and Power Nodes. On the business side, our team consists of individuals who have worked at some of the largest banks and investment funds in the world, as well as people with significant Angel / VC and operating experience. We also have marketers experienced in many channels with skills in community management, design, content creation, and copywriting. Our team has a significant amount of experience across the crypto ecosystem, and we aim to bring you a next-generation GameFi protocol that is built to last.

Our vision is to build a next-generation GameFi protocol that takes the best of all that came before it. Our team has looked at most of the historical and major seigniorage systems such as Tomb and Anchor, some of the largest node projects such as Strong, and some of the most innovative GameFi protocols such as DeFi Kingdoms. Taking the best of each of these protocols, the team is building something completely new in the crypto ecosystem.

We plan to build a community-driven, $MATIC-pegged utility token through seignorage that is utilized by new and mature projects across the Matic ecosystem. Mythic X aims to achieve this by combining the gamified nature of DeFi Kingdoms, the seigniorage innovations of Tomb, and the annuity-driven models of prior Node platforms. Stay tuned, we will be releasing much more about the mechanics of how our platform works in future Medium posts and the release of our Whitepaper! Get ready to choose your own adventures and quests to save the Mythical Realm!

The team has been working on this project since early January 2022. As such, the front-end, back-end, and finance/tokenomics teams have been working over many months to build Mythic X. The very first part of the Mythic X project, exclusively for early investors and players, will be the upcoming and limited Mythic X NFT land sale. In the upcoming presale, investors will have the opportunity to buy land that will pay ongoing fixed and variable rewards that are core to the Mythic X platform. There will be three tiers of land available — the Tavern, the Blacksmith, and the Temple. Each of these will have its own benefits for both landholders and regular players that engage in Quests through the protocol.

After the release of the presale, the team will be releasing further information on our vision to launch. Suffice it to say, if you’re reading this article shortly after publication, you are early to the protocol!

Join our rapidly growing community and stay tuned.
We will share more details very soon!